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Tips for Safely Buying an Engagement Ring Online

By Rosy / January 16, 2017

Buying an engagement ring online is one of the smartest ways to get the most bling for your buck. Reputable online jewelers don’t have the overhead expenses that brick-and-mortar retailers do and can afford to sell the same quality rings at up to 50% discounted prices. Want to know more about why you should buy […]


How to Buy an Engagement Ring Without Going Broke

By Rosy / January 12, 2017

Marriage is an expensive business and it all begins with the engagement ring. According to an XO Group Inc. survey, the average engagement ring cost $5,200 in 2011 and about 12% of couples spent more than $8,000 for the engagement ring. Read more about how much you should spend on an engagement ring. Most people […]

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