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How to Buy a Diamond Ring: Don’t Buy Before You Know the 4 C’s

By Rosy / April 5, 2017

Want to know all the ins and outs on how to buy a diamond ring? Makes sense, considering this will be one of the biggest purchases you make. So let’s dig into the first four crucial things you need to know in order to get the perfect diamond. The price of a diamond is mostly based […]


Diamond Alternatives: A Guide to the Best Diamond Look Alike Options

By Rosy / April 3, 2017

The popular notion is that there is rarely a woman who does not like diamonds. But maybe your wife-to-be has certain qualms against diamonds, or perhaps you just want something even more brilliant than a diamond – for a fraction of the price. Truth is, a huge part of the appeal to the diamond is […]


5 Brilliants Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring on a Budget

By Rosy / April 2, 2017

You’ve finally found your soul mate and you’re ready to pop the big question – the only problem is that you don’t want the big price tag. Don’t worry – you’re not alone in wanting to save money on such a big purchase. Actually, it’s the smartest thing to do, both for yourself and your […]


How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

By Rosy / March 29, 2017

You’ve met your soul mate. You’ve brainstormed the best way to propose. You’re positive she’ll say “Yes.” Now all you need is the ring. Lucky for you, there are plenty of options nowadays and many of the best options are from online retailers. Because online jewelers don’t have the overhead costs that brick-and-mortar stores do […]


5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

By Rosy / March 10, 2017

You’ve found the perfect woman and now all you need is the perfect engagement ring. And if you’ve already begun your search, you already know that finding that perfect ring can seem just as time consuming and challenging as finding the perfect woman. But that’s just because you don’t yet know the basics of what makes […]


Why You Should Buy Your Engagement Ring Online

By Rosy / February 28, 2017

The best way to buy a great engagement ring at great prices is to buy it online. Online jewelers don’t have the typical expenses that brick-and-mortar stores do, so they can afford to sell the same engagement rings at a fraction of the price. You’ll also have as large – if not larger – a […]


How Much Should You Spend On an Engagement Ring?

By Rosy / February 26, 2017

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions about engagement rings. It’s also one of the most practical. You’ve probably already heard the “two to three months’ salary” saying, but that is at best a misguided suggestion and at worst a marketing ploy from the diamond industry. If you want an actual average […]


6 Tips to Buy the Perfect Diamond at the Perfect Price

By Rosy / January 30, 2017

So you’ve decided to opt for the timelessly beautiful, most coveted engagement ring – the diamond ring. The only thing is…this is (most likely) your first time buying a diamond and well, there are just so many of them to choose from. Which one do you pick? And how exactly do you go about buying one? […]

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